Pricing + Services


PSYCH-K ® sessions starting at $125/hour.



Standard session - 1 or 2 hours

In this session we will discuss which life situations you would like to work on and come up with one or more beliefs statements. We will balance for these beliefs as needed. We will then discuss your plan for action to take to enforce your new belief/beliefs.

Core Belief Balance

A balance for thirteen core basic and essential beliefs to ensure one's health, happiness, success and well-being.

Relationship Balance

Helping to transform a relationship with another person by improving the understanding between each other. A truly heart opening balance.

life bonding balance

This balance helps to to transform trauma around your birth and the fear of death.


transforming allergies

Find and balance the true cause of the allergy. Note* - This is done in a standard session.


Transform trauma and/or distress

Create a whole brain state to resolve trauma and/or distress. Note* - This is done in a standard session.