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Photo by danilovi/iStock / Getty Images

Your thoughts may be blocking your success

  • Have you ever wondered why you keep running into the same types of problems or why you can't seem to achieve you goals?

  • That's because studies in neuroscience have shown that 95% of our decisions and actions are actually below our awareness in our subconscious. This is the part of the mind that controls our attitudes, beliefs, feelings, behaviors and more.

  • Since most of our thoughts process operates below our awareness, we are not even aware of the type of thinking that caused these problems to begin with!

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"Our life is what our thoughts make it."

Marcus Aurelius (Roman Emperor, 2nd century)

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Create your potential

Using a process called PSYCH-K®, together we can help you unlock your potential to achieving success in any area of your life.  We will help to quickly identify those self limiting beliefs and change them into self enhancing beliefs. We do this using what is called a PSYCH-K balance. This helps to release trauma and transform resistance to your desired life goal.  After creating your new mindset, you can now take action and create the life you desire! To learn more watch the videos below.

Biologist Bruce Lipton’s exciting witness of a PSYCH-K balance.


Ian Spicer, a certified PSYCH-K instructor, explains more about PSYCH-K.

Originator of PSYCH-K®, Rob Williams explains the subconscious mind.

Opportunities for growth

Some examples of issues that we work on together are self esteem, health issues, grief, trauma, financial abundance, spirituality, relationships, allergies, and work/career.

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Online or in-person sessions

Sessions are held online via Zoom or in person in the Sacramento area. First time sessions are recommended in person, but not necessary.  Schedule a free consultation to see if PSYCH-K is right for you!

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"Truly the greatest gift you can give is that of your own self-transformation."

- Lao Tzu, Chinese Philosopher

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