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Tirrah Thorp, Life Coach (PSYCH-K ® Facilitator)

     Long time seeker of self improvement methods,  personal development and energy healing techniques, I have come to help  those seeking change for those difficult to change problems. Like most people I had self-limiting beliefs that were blocking my potential to creating the future that I wanted. I was not aware of these underlying beliefs, I just knew I wanted change and it wasn't happening.

        When I learned PSYCH-K, I was able to change thoughts and attitudes that were blocking me from achieving success, even the thoughts about change! One of my favorite balances was the Core Belief balance. During the balance, I felt the negative emotions leave as the unconditional love came through.  After changing my beliefs, now I am excited to share these powerful and effective processes with you. Click below for more information.





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“Before my session, I would just jump to assumptions and get angry with others. After my session with Tirrah, I’m overcome with thinking of positive reasons why an incident occurred. And I now calmly & patiently understand others! This amazing transformation occurred in only one session! Thank You Tirrah!
— Robin M.